I demand pictures if you ever do end up getting those, haha! :D (Note to self: save money to get to the Netherlands for muffins. x))

Noted. Ok, I get that hat, you go and save some money for our big reunion ;)

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anniviech replied to your post “About me”

Whoot for Indy!Neeke :D But ahh, now I have a craving for muffins D:

Yeah! Now I only need the hat and the whip.. otherwise it’s not complete ;)

As for muffins… you get over here, I provide the muffins :P

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SALMON FISHING IS THE BEST! maaan i love that movie so much :D i love that you love it!


Great that you love it as well :D. *high five* I’ve seen it quite a few times already, just because it’s so great on so many levels. And who would ever think, ‘hey, let’s make a movie about salmon fishing… in the yemen’ :P. Let’s say I’m very grateful to those crazy people ;)

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You AND muffins, yay :D And you had Greek in school? And liked it? Wow :)

Hehehe :P baking is part of my life (well, especially when I’m supposed to be doing other things :D)

Yepyep. It was pretty cool actually, mainly because the stories we started with, the myths and (stripped versions of) epics like The Odyssey, are really awesome. Also the teachers I had the first years were really enthusiastic, making you also more eager to actually do your homework :P

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omg you’re so cute *grabs muffinS*

Teeheehee, Thank you ^^ <3

Well well well, a Swede accepting my muffins? That’s new :P But I won’t complain ;). When can I expect you to come over here for a real batch of muffins? ;)

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About me

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this might look like the same gif twice.

… but it’s not.

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"Unlimited rice puddling!"

Remembrance of the Daleks - season 25 - 1988

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15 things that make me happy :)

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John Barrowman is the only one on the train.

John Barrowman is a twelve year old.

always reblog 12 yr old Barrowman


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